Urban insights in seconds, not weeks .

The essence of cities is bringing people —from all walks of life— together in one place. Social interaction and a robust mixing of people from different backgrounds, of different ages, with different incomes and interests is the secret sauce that enables progress and creates opportunity. Citiscope provides real-time data and contextual intelligence about the social life in urban settings so you can create places where people thrive.

Our analytics platform integrates geosocial data from the ground up

Citiscope captures the social side of the life of cities at rest and in motion. Our platform gives you a better understanding of the activity patterns of a community throughout the day which can help you realize new business opportunities from massive amounts of social media data.
By capturing data from layers of digital platforms that cover cities Citiscope gives you the tools to understand what people say and how they live, work, travel, and behave in changing environments.
Measuring Main Street

We help you understand the social and commercial vibrancy of neighborhoods to plan the kind of interventions that work.

Scoping Real Estate

We mix historic, geosocial and mobility data to provide developers and real estate investors with insights to make data-driven decisions.

Engineering Sustainable

We help fast-growing developing world cities make better choices that lead to safe, green, inclusive, and great communities.

Promoting Health and Wellness

Many public health questions are difficult and costly to answer. We can complement traditional data-collection methods, producing more comprehensive and timely approaches.

Understanding Tourism

We help you understand the customer experiences of your events and attractions, revealing what is popular, what is not, and what people are talking about.

Neighborhood social capital

Not all neighborhoods are created equal. We help you understand what brings people together so you can build places that create opportunities for growth and progress.

POWERED by machine learning & AI


Most tools to measure sentiment and engagement like surveys or the census or mobile phone location data are limited and don’t take into account the large numbers of people who move throughout a city in any given day.

Our goal is to allow you to explore the daily human experience of a city. Tapping into millions of real time people-generated data points, our machine learning platform provides urban insights in seconds, not months. We go beyond demographics, so we can mine the web for feelings, not just facts.


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